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      The Mykka Estorninos Foundation (MEF), a non-profit organization and a public benefit corporation, is dedicated to provide assistance to cancer-stricken children and young adults (up to 21 yrs old) and their immediate family members who live in Arkansas, and an outreach of the same scope in the Philippines.  The foundation is operated by the Board of Officers elected by the Board of Incorporators who voluntarily pledge their resources and time to serve the cancer patients and their families within the foundation’s capabilities and resources. 


      Our goal is to raise $15,000 from 2011 to 2016 and provide financial assistance to at least 3 beneficiaries per year.


      We covet your help for this foundation and for those individuals and their families that we will have the privilege of helping.

Gifts of any amount are most welcome.  Please send your donation to:

The Mykka Estorninos Foundation

 1298 Deerfield Way Fayetteville, AR 72701                   (479) 521-3672


Employer I.D# 87-0705681




         ELECTED OFFICERS     

President  …………….……….. Rustico Bautista    Vice President ………………….…Karen Bonner   Secretary ………………….……..  Nilda Burgos   Assistant Secretary .................................. Nancy Keen Treasurer ……………….………... Nelia Couch Assistant Treasurer ………................. Lolita Kirby  Auditor …………………….  Milagros Bautista  Executive Director …….… Leopoldo Estorninos, Jr.


Rustico & Mila Bautista               Dr. Mark & Karen Bonner Mark A. Bonner, Jr.                        Redentor & Nilda Burgos Eddie & Rebecca Chavez                                 Gizelle Chavez              Steven & Nelia Couch                                           Jean Davis               Leopoldo & Connie Estorninos                         Michelle Gayon            Nancy Keen                                            Dale & Lolita Kirby    Michelle Moore


        ADULTS                              YOUNG ADULTS       

 Aida Aguilar                                              Yelexsa Artiga              Baltazar & Mayet Baguio                                  Erin Berger                  Ruth Chavez                                                 Ronnel Burgos                 Rizal & Carmela Gelicame                            Brian Chavez               Rene & Naomi Justiniani                      Leo John Estorninos          Don & Herminia Lumsargis                Leo Paolo Estorninos                            Charles & Rachel Milmon                                Russell Keen                 Stewart & Christine Ong                          Nathan Mahaffey                                            Bob & Asuncion Shackleford                     Elizabeth Mashie                                     Steve & Lulu Stickels                                  Lonnie Strange                                  Dick & Florenda Tillotson                                                   C. A. & Diana Strange                                                   James Patindol   



          A SALUTE to our beloved Mykka by the people who were touched by her short but truly inspiring adolescent life …           and …..                

           DEDICATED to the children and young adults who are afflicted with    cancer .


June Mykka M. Estorninos was a special sweet, kindhearted, and courageous young lady who hailed from the Philippines.  She was a consistent honor student at Bates Elementary School and Ramay Jr. High and a member of the National Honor Society.  She was known to her teachers, classmates, and friends for her wonderful-contagious-warm-friendly-smile.

 Mykka, as she is fondly called, has just turned 15 years old (August 11) when diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer, Osteosarcoma, on November 1, 2001.  Upon learning about Mykka’s condition, teachers, classmates, friends, and parents did everything possible to help her and her family financially, physically, and emotionally while she was undergoing pre and post surgery Chemotherapy treatments.

Mykka’s self-determination, spiritual strength, and emotional maturity touched a lot of people – young and old – from many places.  She became a focal point, an inspiration to a lot of people in strengthening their relationships with God, family, and friends.  Prayers for her were offered in homes and different churches for a Miracle.  But God, who is the Author of Life decided that Mykka had fulfilled her purpose here on earth and had her to be with Him in His Kingdom. That her life was itself already a Miracle.  She passed away on January 25, 2003.

Parents and people (collectively called FRIENDS of MYKKA) who stayed with Mykka and her family throughout the difficult times, decided that her legacy would not end with her passing away.  These FRIENDS resolved to continue what had been started when Mykka was still alive and make Mykka’s inspiring legacy to live on by assisting other children and young adults who are suffering from cancer and their immediate families in any way they can.  Hence, the establishment of this foundation.

   RECIPIENTS (2004 –Present)


 1.  Kiara Morelos, 6 yrs old              San Pablo,  Phil.                       

 2.  Emma Grace Hampton, 3 yrs old   Lincoln, AR.     



 3. Catalina Hernandez                  Springdale, AR.   

 4.  Carl Villanueva, 4 yrs old                San Pablo, Phil.

 5.  Chris Rasco, 21 ys old                   Prairie Grove, AR            

 6.   Ruben Martinez, 12 yrs old                  Rogers, AR.                                                                       

 7.  Caleb Ford, 12 years old                             Cabot, AR.



 8. John Carlo Eusebio, 7 yrs old      Los Baños, Phil.

 9. William Poore, 10 yrs old                       DeWitt, AR  



10. Clinton Smith, 14 yrs old                    Stuttgart,   AR.



11.  Palmer Richardson, 15 yrs old   Fort Smith, AR.

12. Diana Gonzales                        Fayetteville, AR.

13. Charles Duran, 8 yrs old             Mabalacat, Phil.

14. Chesqka Duran, 6 yrs old              Mabalacat, Phil.

15.  Nyl Del Rosario  21 yrs old           Los Baños, Phil.



16. Andrew O’Grady   15 yrs old       Bentonville, AR.

17. J. Cyrus Armecin 12 yrs old     Baybay, Leyte, Phil.



18.  Alvin Hiram   11 yrs old                      Springdale, AR

19.  Haydelle Amoloza 18 yrs old    Los Baños, Phil.

20. Fernando Basillo  20 yrs old             Calamba, Phil.



21. Hudson Wayne Yancey  14 mos    Farmington, AR


The Mykka Estorninos Foundation, Inc. wishes to extend its appreciation for the generosity of the families of the late Luis Gayon , Archie Bingham and Ernesto Abuel.  The foundation was selected by their families as the recipient of the donations from friends in memory of their love ones.  Our heartfelt thanks also go to those who sent donations on their behalf.

The foundation also thanks friends and individuals from Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Singapore, and the Philippines for their donations. 

Your valuable support gives us strength and resolve to continue this honorable undertaking.  May the good Lord bless you all…. MEFI